Course Description

Digital marketing varies dramatically across companies and industries, but every organization faces ever-increasing disruption from new technologies, new data privacy laws and new customer habits. Using real-world examples and case studies, this 21-hour introductory class will give you a firm, foundational understanding of the core mechanics that power successful digital marketing. Regardless of your industry or where you are in your career, this class will help you cut through the jargon and confusion of digital marketing, helping you think more confidently, strategically, and holistically. After each lesson, you will leave class armed with new practical, tangible frameworks and tools you can apply to your job the next day.

Course Outline

You will learn:

  • How to approach and plan digital marketing strategically
  • The eight elements need to create a holistic digital marketing strategy
  • The six ways digital marketing channels are different from traditional channels and how to spot them
  • The three immutable laws of business, regardless of industry
  • How to connect business, brand, marketing and channel strategies
  • How to conduct a digital marketing competitive audit
  • The 4 Ps of marketing – revised for the 21st century
  • Brand-centric digital marketing with performance-based digital marketing
  • How harness customers’ ever-dwindling attention spans
  • The four types of customer journeys
  • Digital marketing strategy as Art vs. Strategy
  • Digital brand strategy and four ways a brand can compete
  • How to conduct a message architecture workshop at your company
  • The two most important KPIs of any website
  • User Interface vs. User Experience vs. Customer Experience
  • Decipher good email design from bad email design
  • Search marketing: PPC vs. SEO. How they work and why you need both
  • Social media, content strategy, and how to balance paid, owned and earned
  • Media theory: Reach vs. Frequency and dwindling customer attention spans
  • A/B testing and campaign performance optimization
  • The TAO of digital marketing measurement
  • The rise of Agile Marketing and why basketball team dynamics are more relevant than football team dynamics
  • How to prepare and present a digital marketing strategy for the C-suite

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