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Innovators are applying Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and holograms in an increasing number and variety of commercial settings. UX designers who know how to use these tools are poised to be key players in one of the most exciting technology fields today. In this class, you will learn about emerging UX principles, concepts, and best practices as applied to various AR and VR platforms.

Students will lean how to create a virtual environment using the latest web XR technologies for #vr. It is recommended to have an Oculus Quest device to best explore and build your experience as you learn.

Course Outline

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Building different types of experiences
  • Emerging design principles and patterns in AR, VR, and holograms
  • Conducting user research on these platforms
  • Working in and creating virtual spaces
  • Applying usability concepts and principles (including what not to do)
  • Current applications in AR, VR and holograms, plus what's on the horizon

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Design Principles in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Holograms
6:00PM to 9:00PM
Jan 26, 2023 to Feb 16, 2023
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UX Registration Fee - $695 non-credit $695.00
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Please Note:

An Oculus is recommended, but not required, for this class.



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