Course Description

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, the best competition against the rising availability of automation, algorithms and artificial intelligence is knowing the unique offering you bring to the world. What makes your story stand out in the crowd? What motivates you? What do you know that the world needs to hear? Using the hero's journey format, we will work together using writing and hands-on art experiences to dig into the power of vulnerability and unlock how to use your most-needed talents and skills.

Daily sessions will include discussion, writing workshops and a craft experience that students can take home to draw on for inspiration and guidance after the duration of the course. Each student will complete the week with his or her personal mission, vision and values statements, as well as the development of a personal brand and brand story that can be expanded as life evolves, readying young adults for their entrance into the marketplace as a future thought leader.

This course is ideal for students with an interest in leadership development, executive training and marketing.

Please note times are in Central Standard Time (CST).

Course Outline

Day 1 – Authentically You

  • Shame and its antidote, speaking open-heartedly
  • Looking at fear and letting down walls
  • Letting yourself be you without comparison
  • Tapping into and following intuition outside the carved path
  • The Hero’s Journey – Call to Adventure
  • Craft: Tie Dye

Day 2 – Stand for Something

  • Values words discovery
  • How to check your time and actions against your values
  • Creating goals and actions in alignment with your values
  • Exploring the history of values-based iconography
  • The Hero’s Journey – Acceptance of the Call
  • Craft: Coat of Arms and DIY Pennants

Day 3 – The Beauty of Struggle

  • Observing learned behaviors as what must be conquered to stand more in your values
  • Shadow work
  • Certainty of failure and its purpose
  • Self-encouragement and acceptance
  • Personal mantra development
  • Hero’s Journey – Defeat, Death and Rebirth
  • Craft: Mantra Bracelets

Day 4 – Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

  • Your Values + What Lights You Up + Your Heartbreak = Your Purpose
  • Creating your own mission statement
  • Discussion/highlight of Paige Chenault, founder of The Birthday Party Project
  • Feng Shui Bagua
  • Hero’s Journey – The Journey Home
  • Craft: Vision Boards

Day 5 - How Dreams Become Real

  • Discovering Your Inner Guide
  • Creating a Self-Coaching Mindset
  • Crafting Goals as Authentic as You Are
  • Understanding and Working with Your Measures for Success
  • Getting to Know the Brand Formula
  • Craft: Mugs


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