Course Description

Unlock the power of questions to inspire others. Learn how to build skills in yourself and your team to navigate ambiguity and maintain momentum with optimism. Gain confidence as a strong and effective leader who can turn uncertain conditions into growth opportunities, and practice the skills to catalyze new perspectives, collaboration, and innovation by harnessing ideas from diverse points of view.

Who should attend?
Leaders, team members, and changemakers who strive to create a culture of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. This course is designed for managers, consultants, creative professionals, and anyone who would like to be a better problem-solver in all areas of your life.

Course Outline

  • Session 1: Find answers through asking questions
    Learn how a curious mindset can help challenge assumptions, unlock creativity, and inspire others.
  • Session 2: Lead with a strong point of view
    Learn how to craft a well-framed challenge.
  • Session 3: Leading through culture
    Learn the habits of highly creative teams and how rituals contribute to team culture.
  • Session 4: Guide your team through experimentation
    Learn how to engage with your team to encourage them to experiment with innovative ideas.
  • Session 5: Wrap Up 
    Learn how to apply different leadership approaches to various situations.


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  • For late registration options, please contact SMU Lifelong Learning at 214-768-2273 for assistance.

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Leading for Creativity (Spring 2021)
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Registration Fee non-credit $225.00
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Supplies Fee $45.00 Mandatory
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In order to deliver the best possible learning experience for our students, this SMU Lifelong Learning course will be offered virtually. The well-being of our students and community is our top priority, and we are excited to deliver dynamic and engaging courses in a fully online format.

Students will interact with instructors and other students through Zoom and SMU GO's Learning Management System (Canvas). To maximize classroom instruction and your learning experience, we encourage the use of video & audio devices during the Zoom meeting, if available.

Registered students will receive individualized communication with further instructions to help you prepare for class.

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