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The nonprofit management training course is ideal for anyone who currently works in a nonprofit or tax exempt organization, or who plans to work in such an organization in the future. It is also well suited for individuals who currently work in a government agency, or who plan to do so in the future.

Our nonprofit management training course is also ideal for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge and understanding of management issues that are unique to nonprofit and tax exempt organizations.


Modules Include:

Nonprofit Management and Governance

In this module, students examine the fundamental principles of nonprofit management as well as the responsibilities of a nonprofit or tax exempt board of directors and management team and the legal and ethical requirements for nonprofit management.


Nonprofit Fundraising

Over the course of this module, students learn the fundamental principles of fundraising for a nonprofit organization. They also learn how to identify and maximize their fundraising opportunities, and a broad array of effective fundraising techniques.


Marketing in the Nonprofit Sector

In this module, you will learn fundamental marketing principles and techniques and how they apply to the nonprofit organization. This module also covers the marketing process as a whole, with a focus on the role ethics and technology play in the nonprofit marketing process. You will also learn the fundamental principles of advertising and public relations in the context of the nonprofit organization.



Newsletters have proven to be a highly effective tool for communicating with employees, customers and prospects. They are also a highly effective business development tool. Over the course of this module, students learn how to compose newsletters that generate interest and that add value to the nonprofit entity. This module is ideal for individuals seeking to learn the skills they need to write effective newsletters on a consistent basis.


Persuasive Communications

Effective communications skills are essential when selling products or services, when seeking financing and in virtually every aspect of the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization. Over the course of this module, students learn the communications skills they need to improve their persuasive abilities.


Negotiation Skills for Nonprofit Managers

This module examines the negotiating process, and focuses successful negotiating styles, and strategies in the nonprofit environment. Over the course of this module, students learn basic negotiation skills they need in order to be successful in a wide range of contexts.


Nonprofit Budgeting

In this module, you will become familiar with the fundamentals of the budgeting process. You will also learn the skills needed when preparing and managing a budget. You will learn about the various components of the budget and how these various components work together. You will also learn how to use basic financial statements in preparing, organizing, and structuring the nonprofit budget.


Financial and Accounting for Nonprofits

In this module you will develop firm grasp of financial accounting and accounting terms. This module is ideal for individuals who have little or no background in finance and accounting, and covers the basic principles and skills needed when interpreting financial statements, determining profitability and measuring cash flow.


Strategic Operations in the Nonprofit Environment

You will develop the practical managerial skills you need in order to plan for operational success in the nonprofit environment. You will also explore the fundamental principles of developing an operational plan to achieve your stated operational goals.


Project Management for Nonprofits

Over the course of this module, you will learn about project management from a managerial perspective. This module is ideal for anyone in a decision-making role in the project management arena.


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Management for Tax Exempt And Nonprofit Organizations Online Certificate Program
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