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Our online management courses are ideal for individuals who are currently employed or looking to begin their career in a supervisory and/or managerial role.

Over the course of your studies, you will learn the fundamental skills required of new and experienced supervisors and managers, and will be exposed to a broad range of topics related to the supervision and managerial process.


Online learning modules in these courses include:

Successful Leadership Skills

Over the course of this module, students are introduced to a broad range of leadership styles and performance issues as they develop their own successful leadership methods.


Performance Management

In order to be successful, any given performance management approach, including performance indicators and objectives, must be clearly articulated to the department, the team, and the individuals within the organization. Highly successful organizations take a systems approach to the performance management and measurement process. Over the course of this online learning module, you will explore the concept of the organization and performance management within the context of systems thinking. You will also explore a broad range of techniques for re-vamping the performance management function and how to establish systems designed to enhance performance at the organizational and individual level.


Time Management & Decision Making for Managers

Critical decision making skills and effective time management habits offer benefits that will last you a lifetime and benefit you in virtually every phase of your professional and personal life. In this module, you will learn valuable decision-making and time management strategies designed to help you succeed in your role as a manager.


Assertiveness & Effective Interpersonal Communications

Effective communications skills enhance cooperation, increase productivity, and promote an individual’s personal satisfaction. In this module, you will learn the essential skills you need to become a more effective speaker and writer as you master a broad range of communication styles.


Management Productivity and Benchmarking

You will learn how effective managers establish meaningful benchmarking metrics and implement strategic plans designed to enhance the overall productivity of the organization.


Management Essentials

This module focuses on the management function with an emphasis on the skills and resources needed to become a successful manager. Topics covered in this module include how to develop a positive corporate culture, how to work efficiently and effectively with other team members, and how to motivate employees. Other topics covered in this module include how to develop management strategies, how to manage workflow and many more.


Effective Negotiations

In this module, you will examine the negotiating process and explore negotiation styles and strategies employed in the vast majority of business environments.


Project Management Skills

You will learn the fundamental skills needed to create a successful project plan and how to orchestrate a wide range of small and large scale projects.


Top Performing Organizations

In this module, you will learn about the common elements that separate high performance organizations from their competition.


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Supervisory and Managerial Skills Online Certificate Program
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