Course Description

Using games and real-life examples, you will gain the knowledge and skills to manage money responsibly now and in the future.  Learn about budgeting, credit, debt, and the how to use financial planning to meet your goals. This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to approach your personal finances with confidence and a sense of control.  If you are interested in the nuts-and-bolts of money matters, gaining strategies for dealing with challenges, or creating a plan to be financially-fit, this workshop is for you!

Course Outline

Day 1:

  1. Earning
    1. Balancing Earning and Learning – Before and during college
    2. Happiness vs. Earnings – how to live a life that makes you happy
    3. What different professions pay
    4. How to decode your paycheck
    5. Paying for college
  2. Saving
    1. Saving Tips & Tricks
    2. A 5-Step Save/Spend plan
    3. How banks work
    4. About savings accounts
    5. How to earn money by saving money
    6. Tricks our minds play on us about money
  3. Spending
    1. To buy or not to buy
    2. Ways to shop smart
    3. Cash, check or credit

Day 2:

  1. Owing
    1. “Good debt” vs. “Bad debt”
    2. Credit cards, advantages and disadvantages
    3. Credit score 
  2. Tracking
    1. Creative ways to track your income and spending and comparisons to your budget
  3. Giving
    1. How do determine how much you give to charitable causes

Day 3:

  1. Investing
    1. Ways to Invest
    2. What is the stock market
    3. How can you prepare to invest without risking your money?
  2. Safeguarding It All
    1. Protecting your health
    2. Protecting your income
    3. Protecting your property: car, home or apartment, personal goods
    4. Protecting your family

Day 4:

  1. You just finished college and have your first job – what do you do now?
    1. Determine what your net income is
    2. Prepare a budget
      1. Fixed vs. Variable Expenses
      2. Short term goals: Emergency fund, vacations, etc
      3. Medium term goals: Saving for a house, getting an advanced degree, buying a new car
      4. Long term goals: Retirement (Financial Independence)
    3. Decide where you’ll live – at home/an apartment-shared or alone
    4. Understand your benefits from work
      1. What is a 401k and should you participate?
        1. Matching contributions
        2. ROTH vs Traditional
        3. How to invest
        1. If there’s not a 401k, what can you do?
          1. IRA (individual retirement account)
            1. Traditional
            2. ROTH
    5. Decide about how to establish/manage credit
X. “Financial Fair”- Putting it all together


This workshop includes a mandatory supply fee to cover materials used in class. Students will take workbooks home  at the end of the course.
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