Course Description

This course is designed to introduce participants to exponentially growing cloud computing technologies. Cloud computing is changing the way organizations procure and use computing resources. In addition to moving to subscription economy, organizations also benefit from the agility and elasticity of moving to the Cloud.

Certificates of completion will be distributed at the conclusion of the in-person portion of the course to all who participate fully.

Key Benefits

  • Understand foundational concepts of Cloud Application
  • Thoughtfully connect these foundational concepts to some aspect of your company goals; toward either individual responsibilities or enterprise mission
  • Understand more complex issues in Cloud Application
  • Apply specific Cloud Application focus to a project which is either currently active or a case study

Who Should Attend?

  • Cloud computing is changing the way organization procure and use computing resources. It is imperative that every person in an organization has sufficient knowledge. This certificate is open to anyone from enterprise, especially anyone within IT, Product Development, and Data Analysis and all levels Individual contributors to managers.
  • Those learning for their personal enjoyment

Entrance Requirements

  • Students should have basic keyboarding and computer skills, be comfortable navigating the Internet and emailing. You will need access to be able download and install certain tools/files in order to do projects and work such the free amazon AWS account.

Where are these courses offered?

  • Online through SMU Pro and a required in person experience at SMU Dallas campus on final day of class.

Certificate Program Completion Requirements:

  • Required Online Courses and Workshops:
  1. Cloud overview: what is cloud, cloud characteristics, cloud tech overview.
  2. Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services demo, Google cloud demo.
  3. Storage and network: storage demo, network VPC demo.
  4. Security and Cloud Management: Platform as a service (Paas), Key concepts and cloud security concerns, cloud security overview, DOS, security group and IAM demo.
  5. Mid-point class project
  6. Application Development: intro to DevOps, Microservices, Docker Containers, Docker demo.
  7. Container Management: Kubernetes, CICD, Kubernetes demo.
  8. Data Management: data pipeline, fundamentals of Hadoop, MapReduce.
  9. Data Management II: Managed Hadoop demo.
  10. Project II
  • 5 hours of virtual training with your instructor in our live online classroom


You will have 10 weeks from your first day of class to successfully complete the program. There are modules that must be completed each week as well as live online virtual classroom sessions to attend with your instructor. 


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Cloud Application for Complex Systems Integration
Online, fixed date
Mar 23, 2020 to May 30, 2020
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Cloud Integration - Priority Rate non-credit $1,080.00
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