Course Description

Learn the basics of printmaking, and create your own prints using a variety of techniques, including drypoint, monotype and chine collé. Each printmaking method produces works with a distinctive appearance. Designed for all students, regardless of previous experience, this class will give you gain hands-on experience to hone your skills and explore your creativity. 


Course Outline

Classes 1 and 2: Drypoint
An intaglio printmaking technique that creates sharp lines with fuzzy, velvety edges. A copper plate is scratched with a scribe to form a metal burr which is inked and wiped then covered with damp paper and rolled through the press to create a fine arts print.
Classes 3 and 4: Monotype
Creates a unique print with a painterly effect, made by applying paint or printing ink to a sheet of metal or plastic. The painted image is transferred to paper using a press. In the additive technique, ink or paint is applied directly to the plate, often with a brush. In the subtractive technique the plate is covered with a layer of ink or paint, and the image is formed by manipulating and removing the ink or paint using a variety of tools, including brushes, rags, or the artist’s fingers.
Class 5: Chine collé
A technique, used in conjunction with printmaking processes such as drypoint or monotype, that results in a two-layered paper support: a thin paper, cut to the size of the printing plate, covering a larger, thicker support paper below. Both the tissue and the support sheet are placed on top of the inked plate and run together through the printing press.
Class 6: Workshop
Combine all three processes!



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