Course Description

Actively engage in speaking the Yiddish language! Develop and practice your skills in basic Yiddish conversation, while also learning the different dialects spoken within the language. Yiddish, one of the oldest and most widely spoken Jewish languages, is used by people around the world. Regardless of prior knowledge, easily participate in conversations and reading exercises. This course specifically employs the English alphabet, eliminating the requirement of knowing the Yiddish alphabet beforehand.


Course Outline

• Use basic conversation in Yiddish on various themes: Jewish jokes, holidays, and cooking

• Practice conversation skills with Yiddish games

• Appreciate how Yiddish literature is an important part of Jewish culture

• Recognize where the Yiddish language is spoken today

• Deepen understanding of spoken Yiddish by watching on-line Yiddish music and movies

• Learn about Yiddish materials in the Dallas area

• Increase knowledge of Yiddish idioms and proverbs through on-line or in-print resources


Required Textbook:
Learning Yiddish in Easy Stages by M. Zuckerman and M. Herbst, 2008.
ISBN 0-657-08410-7

Please Note:
Students may use earlier editions of this book
This textbook is available through the Yiddish Book Center, online or at a bookstore of your choice. 

Textbooks are not included in the cost of the course. 



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