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Owning or managing a small business has a lot of benefits. Small business owners may have the freedom to control their schedules, be able to focus on work that they find fulfilling, and find opportunities to positively impact their communities. But in addition to benefits like these, small business management brings with it some unique challenges. Owners of small businesses often play many roles and must have a wide body of knowledge. In a single day, a small business owner may be required to do any number of varied tasks, like approve a project plan budget, train a new employee, and develop a marketing campaign. This certificate will provide students with a fundamental understanding of the most critical areas in small business management.

Courses Included in this Course Bundle:

  • Accounting Fundamentals for Small Businesses
  • Introduction to Small Business Management
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Budgeting and Financial Analysis for Small Businesses
  • Law for Small Businesses
  • Project Management for Small Businesses
  • HR Fundamentals for Small Businesses
  • Leading and Managing Small Businesses


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